About Us

A Gentleman's Journal

The Perfect Gentleman is an all-inclusive brand that pushes the boundaries in style and accessories. Not limited by gender, size or age, The Perfect Gentleman brings fashion forward and trendy accessories to the Canadian market at reasonable prices. From bow ties, to cuff links to underwear and sunglasses, we have everything a gentleman needs.

What started as a concept in a shopping mall on November 18th, 2017, turned into a domain in a living room which eventually transformed into a brand with a clear goal and mission. All within a day, The Perfect Gentleman was born.

As we know, fashion and style in Canada always tends to be a few steps behind. With extensive trend research and forecasting (including colour, styles and products), The Perfect Gentleman aims to always be one step ahead. We want to bring our Canadian gentleman the newest in design and style. 

Besides style, The Perfect Gentleman has a clear vision of unity. We believe that a gentleman is not defined by their gender or style, but by their passion, heart and soul. We are honored and excited to build a community of gentlemen with individuals like yourself, who are truly extraordinary. 

-The Perfect Gentleman

Floral Bow Tie | The Perfect Gentleman

A prototype of our very first bow tie.