Cufflinks that Every Perfect Gentleman Should Own

At The Perfect Gentleman we believe it’s the fine details that truly make an outfit come together perfectly. Similar to shoes, ties and bow ties; a gentleman can never have enough cufflinks. Cufflinks are the perfect way to add a personalized and creative flair to the standard formal wear attire. We believe that every perfect gentleman should own at least these four types of cufflinks; the everyday cufflinks, the novelty cufflinks, the colourful cufflinks and the statement cufflinks.

The Everyday Cufflinks

While not everyone likes to get too fancy with their accessories, every perfect gentleman at least needs one pair of everyday cufflinks. These cufflinks provide functionality but still add a nice finishing touch to any dress shirt. The everyday cufflink can be a simple silver or gold design. One of our favourites are the mustache cufflinks; simple in design and are perfect for everyday wear.

The Novelty Cufflinks

The second most important type of cufflinks are the novelty cufflinks. These are the ones you wear to family functions, creative outings and even a night on the town. These have a unique design, like our vinyl record cufflinks, and are definite conversation starters.

The Colourful Cufflinks

Similarly to the novelty cufflinks, every perfect gentleman needs a pair of colourful cufflinks. Not all pairs need to be the basic silver, gold or black finish. Unlike the novelty cufflinks, the colourful ones are usually appropriate to wear at formal outings as long as the design isn’t too “out there”. One of our favourite colourful pair of cufflinks are the barber pole cufflinks; simple, vintage design with a pop of red.

The Statement Cufflinks

Every perfect gentleman needs at least one pair of statement cufflinks. These are the bad boys you wear at the utmost important events where you are trying to make a good impression. They are unique, turn heads but aren’t over the top. The power button cufflinks are the perfect pair to make a statement; different, stylish, modern and ultra eye catching.

The next time you are getting ready to go out, check your sleeves. No, not for stains, but for the fine details. Every perfect gentleman needs a pair of cufflinks, not only for their functionality, but to show others you care about the finer things in life. Details matter and so should the finishing touches on your formal attire.

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